Lyft Accused of Failing to Properly Screen Drivers Before Hiring

A lawsuit was recently filed in California related to the death of a passenger who was in a Lyft vehicle. In the lawsuit, Lyft is accused of failing to properly screen drivers before hiring them, among other things.

The lawsuit stemmed from the death of a passenger in a Lyft vehicle. He was picked up at a restaurant and was to be transported to a friend’s house. On the way, he got into an argument with the Lyft driver. The driver then pepper-sprayed him, ejected him from the vehicle, and left him beside the freeway, where he was later struck and killed.

According to the lawsuit, Lyft’s website claims that it is “Serious About Safety”. However, according to the lawsuit, the entire application process to become a Lyft driver is online. Lyft does not verify that the documents submitted online are accurate. Lyft does not require its drivers to attend training classes, take road tests, or do anything else to prove their fitness as drivers. Instead, drivers apply online through the website. They only must complete three steps: an online application and driver profile, a background check and a driving record check, and pass a vehicle inspection. Lyft does not conduct its own background checks, but instead outsources them to a third-party company. The background checks extend only for a period of seven years. Lyft does not require fingerprinting of drivers.

The lawsuit claims that Lyft cannot ensure that its procedures for outsourcing background checks are adequate to prevent dangerous drivers from registering as Lyft drivers. The lawsuit also claims that Lyft did not do an adequate background check on the Lyft driver involved in the incident. Lyft did not meet him in person, determine his fitness to be a driver, or check his references.

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