My parent choked in a nursing home in Los Angeles. What are my legal rights against the nursing home?

Many elderly and disabled individuals have difficulty swallowing. They often must be on very restrictive diets in order to prevent choking. However, some nursing homes do not properly supervise or monitor the food intake of their patients. If a nursing home fails to follow diet restrictions or does not watch patients who have difficulties in swallowing, there can be a risk of choking and potentially death.

Unfortunately, swallowing issues are very prevalent among elderly patients. These disorders can be caused by neurological issues, cancer, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or simply aging. Normally, these disorders are determined by a physician, and then the physician makes recommendations on what type of foods the patient can eat. All caregivers should be aware of these issues. If a patient with a swallowing disorder is allowed to have restricted foods, choking can occur.

It is the duty of the nursing home to ensure that patients adhere to medical orders that are outlined by their doctors. Many choking cases at nursing homes could be easily prevented if medical orders were followed for a patient.

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