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If you’ve been injured while cycling, here is what you need to know.

California is paradise for cyclists, with thousands upon thousands of miles of beautiful roads and trails to follow.

However, a recent increase in serious injuries and fatalities for cyclists on California roads has drawn serious concern. In 2020, cyclist traffic deaths reached a 25-year high in the state, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Those numbers continue to rise in 2022.

Why Has Cycling Become More Dangerous?

Experts point to a convergence of factors that have created added risk for cyclists. These include:

  • An increase in distracted driving by motorists
  • Adoption of larger vehicles, such as SUVs, that do more damage in collisions
  • More cyclists on the roads
  • Americans driving more every year

Add these factors up, and it’s a recipe for danger on California roads. Given the relative lack of protection that bicyclists have relative to motorists, the injuries suffered by crash victims can be devastating – and often come with lifelong financial struggles and a diminished quality of life.

Knowing the right protocol to follow after a collision is critical to ensuring that a crash victim is treated fairly and compensated appropriately.

What Should I Do After a Collision?

Understanding how to react after a collision is critical to protecting yourself and your legal rights. If you’re in a collision, consider doing the following:

  • Move yourself out of danger if you are still facing oncoming traffic.
  • Contact first responders/law enforcement.
  • Seek medical treatment if needed on the scene. If the collision is serious, you may wish to have a more detailed evaluation in a medical setting. Internal damage to the human body may not show up immediately.
  • Seek out witnesses at the scene and ask them for contact information. Their impartial third party view can be crucial to negotiating a fair settlement or winning a court case.
  • Document the collision scene with photos and video.
  • If you need medical care, track your medical expenses.
  • Track any lost wages, transportation costs – anything caused by the accident.
  • If the other party was partially or fully at fault, contact a local law firm specializing in bicycle accident litigation.

Why Call an Attorney?

Insurance companies may seem friendly and concerned about your health, but they are driven to get people to settle claims for the lowest possible amount. To make this happen, they train their employees to be skilled negotiators.

This creates a large gap in expertise and experience when insurance company workers deal with accident victims. A law firm can balance the scales and ensure that you receive a truly fair settlement.

If an insurer will not settle in good faith, an attorney can help win your case in court and ensure that you are fairly compensated for everything you have lost.

It’s important to work with an experienced bicycle accident attorney, as bicycle accident injury cases and the laws governing liability can be quite complex.

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