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Motor Vehicle Accidents

When an accident occurs as a result of willfully negligent, careless or reckless behavior, it is anything but an accident. It is the logical conclusion of a tragic story.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California, your story can have a better ending. With the help of Doyle Law, you can recover the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, your pain and suffering, and all other economic and noneconomic damages you have suffered.

Whether you were injured in a car, in a truckon foot, or on a motorcycle, we will make sure you have the resources you need to recover from your serious injury and maintain your quality of life.

What You Should Do

If you are physically able to, take pictures of the scene, talk to witnesses and make sure you get a police report. However, in most cases, the best thing you can do is make sure you get to a doctor and then speak to an attorney about your rights.

What You Should Not Do

You should not speak with the insurance adjusters who will inevitably get in touch with you after an accident. They may be friendly and courteous, and they may even be good people, but they are not looking out for you. They are looking to make sure the insurance company can limit what it pays you in order to protect its own bottom line.

Motor Vehicle Accidents FAQs

What To Do After A Car Accident

If you are put into an ambulance after an accident, all you can do is focus on your physical recovery and allow your family and your attorney to take care of the rest. But, if possible, it is a good idea to get the contact information for witnesses and make sure there is a police report of the accident.

Should I Talk To The Insurance Company?

No. Let your lawyer do the talking for you.

The insurance adjusters and other representatives are not bad people. They have families they care about and they have a job to do in order to make a living. That job is not looking out for you; it is maximizing profits for the insurance company. They do this by limiting payouts, and the first step is getting you to make a statement they can use against you.

Do I Really Need To Sue?

No one likes the idea of a lawsuit, but sometimes it is necessary. A personal injury lawsuit is the most effective way to get the compensation you need after your accident. A settlement or jury verdict can provide you with the money you need to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering and other economic and noneconomic damages.

Can I Use My Auto Insurance If I Wasn’t Driving?

Yes. There are a couple of situations where your own coverage can make a huge difference for you if you were hurt as a passenger or a pedestrian. If you were a passenger and the drivers in the accident do not have insurance, you can tap into your own coverage to provide you with compensation for medical bills. If you were hurt on foot or on your bicycle, you can also seek compensation from your auto policy to cover damages.

What If The Negligent Driver Wasn’t Insured?

People who drive negligently or recklessly are often reckless in other areas of their lives. This can mean driving without legally required auto insurance. Your own policy may have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that we can capture to make sure you are not left with the burden of their negligence.

What Will It Cost Me To Have An Attorney?

Not only is going without legal representation a bad idea as you seek the financial compensation your family needs, it will save you nothing. We do not collect any attorney fees unless we recover compensation, so it will cost you nothing to have the best representation for your auto accident case.

Standing Strong For You After A Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions result in catastrophic injuries and often death. One of the great fears many drivers have is the thought of coming around a corner and encountering someone who has entered the wrong lane.

When tragedy strikes in the form of a head-on crash, where can you turn for the help you and your loved ones need? In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and elsewhere in Southern California, you can turn to Doyle Law for personal injury representation focused on making things right for you.

The Insurance Company Will Try To Hurt You Again

If you have been hit head-on, you have the right to compensation for your medical expenses, your pain and suffering, your lost income and other damages you have suffered. The insurance companies will not do the right thing willingly, which is why you need our fierce representation on your side.

We know that the quick settlement they may offer you is not in your best interest and that they will do anything they can to make it seem like you were at fault. That is why it is so important to let us handle the insurance companies while you focus on getting better.

What Will We Do For You?

Our lawyers will make sure you get the medical treatment you need after your accident and work with the finest experts in the nation to build a strong case for maximizing your compensation. If the insurance companies offer less than what you need for your current and future damages, we will not hesitate to tell your story in front a jury to make sure you get what you deserve.

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Injuries such as broken bones, lacerations and burns are clear as day after an accident occurs, and treatment is often administered as soon as medical personnel arrive at the scene. This is not always the case for internal organ injuries, but they are just as serious and can result in severe complications and death for injury victims.

If you or a loved one has suffered internal organ damage due to negligence, it is crucial to know your rights and have an attorney capable of pursuing them to the fullest extent. In Southern California, you can turn to Doyle Law to make sure your story is told and negligent parties are held accountable for the damage they have caused.

If you have been in any sort of accident, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. A doctor can perform tests to check for signs of internal organ damage.

Types Of Internal Organ Damage

  • Internal bleeding: Difficult to identify, but can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated. Symptoms of internal bleeding can include pain, fatigue and even thirst.
  • Ruptured aorta: Can occur in the abdomen as a result of blunt trauma, particularly in the abdomen. This is often seen as a result of people hitting the steering wheel during a motor vehicle accident.
  • Broken ribs: This injury can lead to difficulty breathing and, if not healed properly, long-term difficulties can arise.
  • Ruptured spleen: When a spleen ruptures, it is critical for it to be removed in order to prevent long-term damage or death. Symptoms include low blood pressure and spreading abdominal pain.
  • Kidney and/or liver damage: Blunt trauma can result in bruising and other injuries to the kidneys and liver, which can harm organ function and lead to further complications.
  • Bowel damage: Blunt trauma in the abdominal region can lead to bowel damage.

It cannot be stressed enough that if you experience any discomfort or something “just doesn’t feel right” after an accident, you need to see a doctor immediately and be checked for internal organ damage or internal bleeding.


Who Will Look Out For Your Family’s Bottom Line?

We will. And we have the resources necessary to do what it takes to maximize your compensation. If you or a family member has suffered injuries in a car crash, contact us today for a free consultation with a lawyer.

They Were Wrong. We Will Make Things Right.

Drunk driving is an extremely selfish act. Driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs or other substances places the lives of innocent people at risk all for the convenience of not having to hail a cab, walk home or find a safe place to sober up.

Despite the repeated warnings and a grater societal awareness of the effects of drunk driving, it still happens on a regular basis. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, we know you are upset and you have every right to be. But it is important to channel that anger into obtaining a positive outcome for your family.

In Southern California, you can turn to Doyle Law to get justice. We have extensive experience representing the victims of serious injuries, including those who were hurt by drunk drivers.

How Does Drunk Driving Change A Case?

In some situations, punitive damages can be sought on top of personal injury compensation, but in most cases the goal is to obtain compensation for economic and noneconomic damages regardless of whether a negligent driver was drunk. The presence of drunk driving in a case just makes our job easier. Insurance companies have a much harder time denying responsibility when their policyholders are clearly acting negligently by driving drunk. They will still try.

When it comes to protecting their profits, insurance companies are often shameless. We will fight to make sure you get every cent you deserve for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost income, physical therapy, in-home care and other damages that you have suffered as a result of a drunk driver’s recklessness.

We will work with the finest experts in the nation to make sure your story is told and that you receive the financial resources you need now and in the future.

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