If I have been harmed by a dangerous prescription drug in Los Angeles, what are my legal options?

If you have been harmed by a dangerous prescription drug you have a number of legal options. You should speak with an attorney who can advise you what option is right for you.

Large pharmaceutical companies control the creation, production, and distribution of drugs and treatments for most medical issues, from a mild cold to a life-threatening illness. The good news is that most prescription drugs in the U.S. are safe for their intended uses. However, there are many cases in which drug companies are more concerned with profits than the safety of consumers to whom the drugs are prescribed. Drugs can be rushed onto the market prematurely in order to claim large profits at the cost of human lives.

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring the safety of consumers who use treatments that are prescribed for their ailments. However, the FDA has thousands of medicines brought before it, and it is impossible to prevent the sale of all medicines that potentially have harmful side effects. In many cases, nothing is done until many people have been harmed.

In order to take a drug company to court typically takes a large amount of resources. Lawsuits against drug companies are typically time consuming and expensive. It can be difficult to establish a link between the harm a patient suffers and the drug company. In some cases, victims choose to join an already-existing class action lawsuit rather than bringing a lawsuit on their own.

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