I have a Stryker artificial hip and I’m having issues with it in Los Angeles. What are my legal options?

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your hip. Stryker hips were recalled in 2012 after problems were found with the hips. Over the years, many users of Stryker hips have had them replaced due to issues with the devices.

Stryker hips use a metal stem and a ceramic cup which are meant to mimic the natural hip joint. However, where the stem meets the neck is a metal-on-metal contact. The metal-on-metal surface area is small, but it can result in corrosion. Research has shown that metal-on-metal hips have significantly higher failure rates than hip devices that are manufactured with other materials like plastics or ceramics. Studies have found that patients with metal-on-metal hips were more than three times more likely to suffer complications that users with hips made of other materials.

Some people who received Stryker hips immediately recognized that there was a problem with the device. Many devices caused infections or adverse reactions, resulting in pain, inflammation, unusual sounds from the device, and dislocation. In many cases, the original device was surgically removed, and a new device was implanted. This type of surgery is typically more painful and less effective than the original procedure. Some users use the device for longer periods of time before it must be replaced.

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