I am a worker who was injured in an accident at a loading dock. Who can I sue?

Los Angeles is a massive transportation hub for large trucks. There is a huge population in southern California, and many interstate miles. Many large trucks come through Los Angeles, and must be loaded or unloaded at some point.

Loading docks can be very dangerous. Employees who work on loading docks are at a high risk for injuries. Some of those injuries may be minor and may heal quickly, but in other cases the employee may be permanently disabled.

Docks can be very dangerous places for several reasons. Docks are typically elevated and have a lot of trucks leaving and arriving. There is often a lot of heavy equipment in warehouses, and they can be very busy and loud. The most common accidents involving loading docks are slips and falls, exposure to deadly chemicals, injuries caused by heavy lifting, and accidents caused by forklifts.

Injured workers may be able to seek workers’ compensation from their employers or may be able to sue a third party for their injuries. Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment for their employees. They must have good safety gear, the necessary training and equipment, as OSHA requires. Workers’ compensation normally provides money for medical expenses, a portion of lost wages, and can provide money for a worker who is permanently disabled.

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