I suffered a finger/toe amputation after a visit to a nail salon. What can I do legally?

I am so sorry to hear about your amputation. You are not alone. Amputations due to the negligence of nail salons is very rare, but it does happen. Recently, there have been a rash of beauty salons in Indiana that were fined and placed on probation after they used razor devices and scalpels to remove calluses from the feet of their customers. One of those customers developed an infection in his foot, which resulted in the amputation of his right big toe after receiving a pedicure at a salon.

Under the laws of some states, salons are not allowed to use razor devices to shave, reduce, or remove calluses, because they can cause bleeding and infection. Those devices can also remove healthy skin. In a separate incident, another customer developed an infection that almost caused his leg to be amputated, as well as his death. He was hospitalized for three weeks and had five surgeries after his toe was gouged by an unclean instrument during his pedicure.

Legally, any customer who is injured during a pedicure can sue the nail salon for negligence. The plaintiff must prove that the nail salon did not act with reasonable care during the procedure, and that the conduct caused the injuries to the plaintiff. If you can prove that the nail salon was negligent, you can receive damages, including compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, disfigurement, pain and suffering, and more.

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