My child was attacked by a pit bull in Los Angeles. What legal steps should I take?

I’m so sorry to hear about the attack. Pit bulls are both powerful as well as sometimes aggressive. They are responsible for many attacks every year in the U.S. Many of their victims require emergency medical treatment. In some cases, the victims are killed or suffer from lifelong injuries.

Owners of pit bulls have the responsibility to take steps to keep the general public safe. Although not all pit bulls are aggressive, owners of the dogs should be aware of the risk they can pose to other people. Pit bulls have the potential to cause very serious injuries if certain steps are not taken to train them and secure them.

Pit bull attacks may last only seconds or minutes, but they can still cause very serious injuries or permanent disabilities in their victims. Some common examples of injuries caused by pit bulls include broken bones, lacerations and bruises, scars, torn ligaments, and nerve damage. If you have been the victim of an attack by a pit bull, you should seek immediate medical attention and file a police report. The police report should include any information you have about the owner, where the attack occurred, and a description of the dog.

Pit bull attacks in Los Angeles are not only physically and emotionally very painful, they can also be very expensive for the victim. The victim may be stuck with large medical expenses and may be unable to return from work for some time. The victim may also need counseling to help recover from the attack.

If you have been the victim of a pit bull attack in Los Angeles, call me, Conal Doyle, Los Angeles personal injury attorney, at 310-385-0567. My team can help. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and permanent disability. Call to learn more.