Lyft Sued in California Court for Passenger’s Death

Lyft, the popular ridesharing company, was recently sued in a California courtroom for a passenger’s death. In addition to Lyft, the driver was sued for his actions that allegedly caused the passenger’s death. The lawsuit is seeking compensation for wrongful death, loss of income and earning potential, punitive damages, and medical expenses.

The lawsuit alleges that the victim went out to eat earlier this year, and then went to a bar in West Hollywood with friends. His friend ordered him a ride with Lyft to take him to his friend’s house. A Lyft vehicle picked up the victim, who sat in the front seat with the driver. At some point during the ride, the victim’s friend who ordered the Lyft spoke by phone with both the victim and the driver. Around that time, a dispute arose between the deceased and the Lyft driver.

The Lyft driver allegedly pulled over the vehicle, stopped on the I-110, pepper-sprayed the victim, and ejected him from the car, leaving him on the shoulder of the freeway. The victim was later struck by a vehicle, which failed to stop in the crash. He was transported to California Hospital Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Lyft was sued for negligence and wrongful death by the victim’s parents. The lawsuit alleges that Lyft was negligent in its hiring, training, and supervision practices. The lawsuit seeks actual damages as well as punitive damages.

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