My child has cerebral palsy in Los Angeles. Should I sue my obstetrician for medical malpractice?

I am sorry that your child has cerebral palsy. CP is a group of disorders that is caused by brain abnormalities that occur during delivery, or early in a baby’s development. CP affects body movement, brain functioning, and muscle coordination. Infants born with CP often do not display symptoms until months or years later.

CP can cause a number of serious issues. First, motor control and coordination are impacted. The areas of the brain affected by CP make it difficult for the brain to communicate with other areas of the body, which can make it difficult to walk or move. Muscles in people with CP often atrophy, which can make motor functions difficult. Children with CP can find it difficult to speak, because the brain may not communicate with the muscles responsible for speech. Finally, children with CP often face difficulties maintaining proper posture and balance.

You may be able to sue your obstetrician for medical malpractice. Many cases of CP are linked to injuries that occur during pregnancy or the birth of a child. CP is often caused by the obstetrician failing to take quick actions or failing to detect injuries that have occurred that can impair brain development or function.

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