Injured as a pedestrian by a hit and run. What are my legal options?

Some of the worst hit and run car accidents involve a driver of an automobile hitting a pedestrian. Not only can pedestrians suffer very serious injuries, but they may be left without any medical assistance. If the driver is never found, the victim could be left without any financial assistance as well. When a hit and run accident involving a pedestrian occurs, the victim may need legal advice to help recover financial compensation.

Leaving the scene of an accident that involves injuries in Los Angeles is against the law. However, people leave the scenes of accidents all the time. They may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, without a license or insurance, or may just fear the consequences of the accident.

Even if the driver involved in your accident is never found, you may not be left without recourse. If you carry uninsured motorist coverage on your automobile, you may be able to receive financial compensation through your policy. Also, if the driver who caused your injuries is found but does not have sufficient insurance to cover your injuries, you may be able to make an under-insured motorist claim.

Victims of hit and run accidents need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who can help them get the best settlement possible from the insurance companies involved. In most cases, the insurance companies will offer only the bare minimum and may exert pressure on the accident victim to take a quick settlement.

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