I believe I have been harmed by a prescription drug. What should I do legally?

You are not alone. Many pharmaceutical companies rush their products to market in an effort to make a profit, and there may be inadequate research or trials to support their safe use. Many medications end up in the hands of people who believe they are safe. Unfortunately, in many cases a great deal of people have to be harmed by a medication before a pharmaceutical company can be held liable for damages.

Once adverse reactions to drugs have been observed in a large number of patients, the FDA will typically get involved. However, in many cases the potential side effects of prescription drugs are not clearly communicated to patients, because that will put the drugs on the FDA’s radar. After a drug is seen as having problems, the FDA may be slow to act. It often requires disclosure of complications, and then finally forces the drug to be taken off the market if problems persist. The reason that pharmaceutical companies frequently do not clearly warn of side effects is because patients may refuse to take medications that are linked with severe side effects, and doctors may be reluctant to prescribe medications with large numbers of side effects.

If you have been harmed by a prescription drug, you should speak with an attorney. Often, pursuing a case against a drug company requires more resources than other types of personal injury cases. If you see an advertisement about a medication and a class action lawsuit, you should speak with an attorney before you sign up. Every plaintiff has the right to pursue their own judgments, and you may not want to be lumped into a mass settlement.

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