I have been injured in an automobile accident in Los Angeles. Can I post about the accident on social media?

I understand how tempting it can be to post about your accident on social media. It can be a great source of support in a difficult time. However, most personal injury attorneys caution their clients about what they post – an accident victim can inadvertently seriously harm their case.

Social media is extremely popular. Roughly 70 percent of all adults in the U.S. use some form of social media, and the numbers are much higher for younger adults. Many people share almost all facets of their lives on social media. If you have been harmed in an automobile accident, your natural inclination may be to share that information on social media. However, don’t post anything before speaking with your attorney.

Although your settings may be private and you may believe that only your trust friends and family members can see your posts, you should assume that a defense attorney and/or insurance adjuster will have access to your posts. If you post detailed information about the accident, that opens yourself up to issues later. Also, you may think it’s ok to post information not related to the accident. You should be extremely cautious about anything you post while your case is ongoing. For example, if you are claiming a serious back injury but post pictures of yourself on a ski trip, that could lead to doubt about the nature of your injuries. Even if you weren’t skiing on the trip and merely went with friends or family, you should avoid the appearance that you weren’t injured.

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