Apple Letter Sheds Light on Self-Driving Car Program

In recent years, Apple has been attempting to develop self-driving technology, along with other companies in the industry, including Google and Uber. However, Apple has been very secretive about its attempt to develop the technology. Surprisingly, Apple recently wrote a letter voluntarily to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that showed how the company is testing the technology and the safety precautions it has been taking.

In its letter, Apple emphasized the fact that it will not fast track the technology in an attempt to beat the rivals. It also says that it places a human driver behind the wheel of any vehicles it tests in traffic. It also gives the operator enough notice to be able to override any decisions made by the computer. Apple also mentioned that it very carefully selects the drivers who will test the technology. Only drivers who haven’t caused a serious accident, received a DUI or had their license revoked or suspended in the prior 10 years are eligible. Those drivers must also pass a drug test and a background check and complete a thorough training program.

Although the letter doesn’t announce anything shocking, it does confirm Apple’s intention to compete against other companies who are working on the technology. It appears that the company is making safety a priority, likely in an attempt to avoid any accidents like the 2018 Uber accident that killed a 49-year-old woman.

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