I got an infection from an endoscope in Los Angeles. Can I sue my doctor?

Unfortunately, infections from instruments used during a surgery or other procedure are not uncommon. Hospitals constantly sterilize their equipment, and as a result bacteria have been created that are immune to normal methods of sterilization. In addition, some instruments may not be properly cleaned between uses, which can also cause an infection.

The FDA has started to evaluate how endoscopes are sterilized between uses and whether hospitals take enough measures to prevent the spread of disease. Patients have the right to expect that a medical procedure will not make them sick or cause them additional complications, which can occur with an endoscope infection.

Endoscopes can be very useful tools in seeing patients’ internal organs without the need for an incision or surgery. Endoscopes are very thin tubes that have a light and a camera. They are also reusable, which makes them less expensive. Endoscopes can diagnose a number of conditions. Once an endoscope is used, it must be sanitized so that any microorganisms are killed before it is used again. However, endoscopes have very small parts and can be difficult to clean. Also, some bacteria can survive the sterilization procedures being used.

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