Woman Sues Uber, Lyft Claiming Distracted Driving Following Accident

A woman is suing Uber and Lyft, as well as the company that creates the apps for both services, claiming that she was left permanently disabled as a result of her driver being distracted while using the apps. The accident occurred in 2017.

According to court documents, the victim set up a ride through Lyft. During that ride, the Lyft driver, who was also a driver for Uber, allegedly logged into both ride-sharing apps while driving the victim on a freeway. The lawsuit claims that the driver was driving while distracted as a result of using the apps, both of which lack a hands-free option. The driver crashed into a semi-truck that was stopped at 70 miles an hour. The woman’s attorneys claim that the use of the apps cause serious distractions and are illegal to use while driving. The woman suffered several injuries in the accident, including injuries to her brain, head, neck, back, and hip.

While many hail Uber and Lyft as easier to use, less expensive, and quicker alternatives to taxis, there are some serious problems with the companies’ business models. They hire drivers who lack any professional training and sometimes have questionable criminal and driving histories. The drivers use their phones while driving, and many make poor choices that endanger the lives of their passengers.

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