Uber Sued for Failing to Fire Driver Accused of Sexual Assault

Ride share companies have been under fire recently for their employment practices. A lawsuit filed in California recently accused Lyft of using negligent hiring, training, and retention programs, which it says resulted in a driver ejecting a passenger on the side of a freeway. He was later struck by another vehicle and killed.

Over the summer, two women in Tennessee sued Uber, claiming that the company was negligent in failing to fire a driver who had been previously accused of sexual assault. The lawsuit claims that the women were attacked by an Uber driver on separate occasions last year. The driver allegedly locked the first woman in the car when they arrived at her destination. He then forced himself on her until she threatened to scream. She reported the incident to law enforcement and to Uber. Two weeks later, the same driver allegedly assaulted another female passenger. He requested a “threesome” with her and her boyfriend after he arrived at her house, and then tried to prevent her from leaving the car. The woman escaped and reported the man to police and Uber. The driver later called and harassed her.

The lawsuit claims that Uber failed to adequately vet its drivers and took no action against the drive despite the first woman’s complaint. The lawsuit alleges that the company showed an intentional or reckless disregard for the physical and emotional safety of the passengers.

A CNN investigation found that over 120 Uber and Lyft drivers have sexually assaulted passengers over the last four years. According to Uber, the driver has been permanently removed from the service. The women are seeking compensation for their damages.

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