Uber and Lyft Accused of Skimping on Background Checks for Drivers

A recent investigation found that Uber and Lyft may attempt to save money on background checks for drivers, which may have contributed to the companies failing to identify some drivers with criminal backgrounds. The report found that Uber and Lyft use screening services that are less expensive than those used by the taxi industry.

A 2016 lawsuit alleged that Uber used Hirease and Checkr for its drivers’ background checks. According to the lawsuit, those background checks failed to catch drivers with criminal backgrounds because the screening process did not include access to databases with complete criminal histories or go back as far as the law allows. Uber settled the lawsuit for $25 million, and Lyft settled a similar lawsuit in 2014.

According to the investigation, part of the reason Uber and Lyft use less expensive background checks is that they pay for the service rather than the driver. In the taxi industry, the driver typically pays the bill. In most states, a Checkr background check costs between $5 and $20 and does not include fingerprinting, A Live Scan background check, which is more rigorous and is used by the New York Taxi Limousine Commission, costs $50 each and includes fingerprint checks. Fingerprinting is required for accessing the FBI’s criminal record database and provides a deeper background check.

Unfortunately, as a direct result of the failure to conduct deeper background checks, passengers of Uber and Lyft have been harmed by drivers who have had criminal records. If you have been a passenger of Uber or Lyft and you were harmed by a driver, you have legal options. Call me, Conal Doyle, Los Angeles personal injury attorney at 310-385-0567. My team can help. We are currently suing Lyft for the wrongful actions of one of its drivers. Call today to learn more.