Three Women Facing Insurance Nightmare after Lyft Hit-and-Run

Three women who ordered a Lyft in December are now facing an insurance nightmare after a hit-and-run accident. The women took a Lyft to a large event so that they did not have to deal with parking. While riding in the Lyft, a truck hit the vehicle that all three were riding in and then fled the scene. The truck hit another vehicle as well.

According to the women, the impact of the accident was serious. All three suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital in an ambulance. One of the women received a huge scar and suffers from chronic pain now. The second woman is unable to stand on her feet to work like she used to. The third woman got glass in her eye during the accident and may have nerve damage. She also has bulging discs and a dislocated vertebra. All three women are potentially facing large medical bills.

Thus far, the women have not gotten compensated for the accident. Lyft carries an insurance policy of up to $1 million per ride. However, Lyft has instructed the women to go through the driver’s insurance first, then their own insurance. If they received the money from the Lyft policy, it would be split between the three women and the driver, which may not be sufficient to compensate the four for their injuries.

Rideshare companies can be difficult to work with on a payout. In many cases, accident victims who are hurt in accidents involving Uber or Lyft must work with attorneys in order to be compensated. If you have been involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft vehicle in Los Angeles, call me, Conal Doyle, Los Angeles personal injury attorney, at 310-385-0567. I can help. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation on your case.