Should I contact my personal injury attorney every day while my case in ongoing in Los Angeles?

For accident victims who are involved in personal injury cases, thoughts of the case can be consuming. It can be very hard not to want to call your attorney every day to get an update on the case. Your accident may have caused you serious injuries, as well as damage to your car. You may have missed time from work and you may be relying on your personal injury case to help meet your financial needs.

There is no precise rule for how often you should speak with your attorney during an ongoing case. In some situations and at some points in the case, you may need to speak with your attorney daily. In other situations, it may be once a month or less. Generally speaking, you should speak with your attorney when necessary.

It is common at some points during a personal injury claim for a month or two to go by without any updates on the case. Hopefully, your attorney is keeping you apprised of the situation. There are some times when you may need to call your attorney’s office to check in. If you have new documentation, your attorney should be aware of that. If your diagnosis or doctor’s orders have changed, that can be important for the case. If you have new expenses related to the case, you should let your attorney know. If you are contacted by your employer or an insurance company, you should call your attorney’s office.

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