I was injured in a farming accident. Can I receive money for my injuries?

The agricultural industry is one of the most dangerous in the U.S. Many injuries and fatalities occur every year in the U.S. on farms of all sizes. Farms have a number of risks, including dangerous machines, chemicals, and animals, all of which can cause harm to workers.

The U.S. has farms of all sizes, and there are a variety of different types of accidents that can happen in the agricultural industry. Tractor accidents are the leading cause of death among agricultural workers. There are also other common types of hazards on farms that can cause injuries or death. The employer may not have provided proper safety gear or properly trained their employees. Farm equipment may malfunction, which can lead to serious injuries or death. Employees may unintentionally be exposed to deadly chemicals. Livestock can also cause serious injuries.

In the U.S., and particularly in some parts of California, the agricultural industry is vital. Not only do U.S. farms feed U.S. citizens, they also provide food for people around the globe. Agriculture is critical to the country’s economy. However, it can be dangerous, and workers must be provided with proper safety equipment and training.

If you are a worker in the agricultural industry and you have been harmed on the job, you have some legal options. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation for your injuries. Depending on the situation, you may also be able to sue a third party other than your employer for your injuries. Call me, Conal Doyle, California workplace injury attorney at 310-385-0567 if you have been harmed on the job. I can help. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation on your case.