I had a serious degloving injury in Los Angeles. Can I sue?

If you have had a degloving injury, you may be able to sue a responsible party, as long as someone else was responsible for your injuries. Degloving injuries are where the skin and tissue of the hand (or a limb) are torn off, as if the skin is a glove that is removed. Degloving injuries can be extraordinarily painful.

Degloving accidents normally occur in a few ways. They may occur in an automobile accident, in which a vehicle runs over the hand or a limb. Industrial accidents are also commonly responsible for degloving accidents. In an industrial accident, the hand may be caught in a machine, which can lead to a degloving injury. Finally, a ring may be caught on an object.

Degloving accidents can be successfully treated. Normally, the biggest concern is covering the wound. Normally this is done with skin from the hand, if still available, and if not, it is often done using a skin graft. For some people, amputation makes more sense. They may not want to undergo multiple procedures, particularly if a non-vital finger is involved.

If you have suffered from a degloving injury, you may be entitled to some legal compensation. However, you must be able to prove that another party’s negligence caused your injury. Some examples would be an equipment manufacturer that manufactured defective equipment or a driver who negligently caused an accident.

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