I was rear-ended on a motorcycle. Should I sue the driver?

Motorcyclists can be highly susceptible to being rear-ended on their motorcycles. An automobile driver may not be paying attention and may fail to see the motorcycle because of its smaller size. Motorcycle riders face much larger dangers in becoming injured from rear-end motorcycle accidents.

There are a number of reasons motorcycle accidents occur in California. In many rear-end accidents, the driver is not paying attention because of texting, talking on the phone or surfing the internet. The driver may be speeding and may fail to stop in time for a red light.

Motorcycle drivers can take steps to help prevent being rear-ended. The best thing to do is to pay attention. If a motorcycle driver is alert, he or she can anticipate changing traffic lights, drivers making abrupt stops, or drivers approaching too quickly from behind. Unfortunately, many motorcycle riders who are rear-ended by an automobile end up suffering very serious injuries, because the motorcycle lacks the protections that automobiles have. Many motorcyclists suffer brain injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, permanent disabilities, or even death.

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