Personal injury and third-party negligence: an overview

Accidents happen.

That above sentence underscores about as succinctly as possible a fundamental reality attendant to human beings and their interactions with others.

A tandem reality is that those accidents often result in devastating — sometimes fatal — injuries to persons who are victimized by the negligence of third parties.

Indeed, there is a commonality attached to many personal injuries that befall individuals in Southern California and throughout the rest of the country, namely this: Those injuries are directly caused or centrally contributed to by other persons failing to act in reasonably thoughtful ways.

Any such lapse in prudent conduct or behavior is lamentable, of course.

And, often, it is unlawful, with applicable state and federal laws existing to ensure meaningful recoveries to accident victims injured through third-party negligence.

The attorneys at the Los Angeles-area Doyle Law firm proudly represent accident victims who are pursuing remedies against negligent actors who are responsible for injuries that are compromising their health and livelihoods.

In our fast and frenetic world, the sources of such injuries range widely, from medical malpractice acts and omissions to reckless driving behaviors. They further encompass product liability resulting from design and manufacturing defects to nursing home neglect and a broad universe of other possibilities.

Although strong legal intervention cannot, of course, undo an injury, it can serve to hold accountable those who are responsible for it and to help a victim receive badly needed assistance for medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitative therapies and pain and suffering.

Doyle law attorneys, led by principal lawyer Conal Doyle, provide knowledgeable, passionate and vigorous representation to injury victims needing proven legal advocacy.

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