Parents of California College Student Killed by Uber Driver Sue Uber

The parents of a California college student who was killed by an Uber driver is suing the company for her death. The accident occurred in November in San Francisco. The woman was riding a motorcycle on Broadway when an Uber driver received an alert about a new ride. The man made a U-turn from the curb, failing to see the college student on her motorcycle.

The man hit the woman, who died an hour later with broken arms and legs and massive internal bleeding. San Francisco prosecutors charged the man with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Earlier this month, the woman’s parents sued the driver and Uber in San Francisco Superior Court, alleging wrongful death.

An investigation showed that the man had attempted to perform an illegal U-turn when he hit the woman. According to an attorney for the family, the recent proliferation of ride-share vehicles in San Francisco and other urban areas has created a number of hazards. In addition, because drivers are distracted by their cell phones as a part of the job, this can lead to an increase in accidents.

Unfortunately, wrecks involving Ubers, Lyfts, and other rideshare companies are becoming increasingly common as the services continue to grow. Rideshare companies have been criticized for lax background checks and other minimum requirements that may not properly protect the public.

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