I had some nerve damage after I was bitten by a dog. Can I sue the dog’s owner?

You may be able to sue the dog’s owner for your nerve damage. It depends on the situation, as well as whether the dog owner has sufficient assets to pay for your damages. You should consider speaking with an attorney about your injuries.

Dog bites can cause very serious nerve damage. There are a lot of dog owners that do not take the responsibilities of dog ownership very seriously. Owning a dog means taking the necessary precautions to protect others, particularly if the dog has ever shown a propensity to bite or attack. It is critical that dog owners in Los Angeles be very cautious when taking their dogs out in public, especially if the dog has ever given any signs that it could attack.

In many dog bite cases, the victims suffer only lacerations. Those lacerations can cause serious scars, and can also cause infections. Scars may need surgery to remove, and can cause emotional pain for the victim. Nerve damage may also be a consequence of a dog bite. Nerve damage can result in the victims losing sensation in some parts of their bodies. They can also be left with impaired movement. It’s possible to surgically repair the nerves, but the nerves may also be permanently damaged.

Dog attacks can be very serious and can cause massive damages, particularly to children. In some cases, the dog owners or another party can be held legally liable. Victims may be able to recover for their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, disfigurement, and more.
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