I need to choose an assisted living facility for my parents. What should I look for, and what are my options if they receive poor care?

There are millions of older Americans living in assisted living facilities, and that number is on the rise. The benefits are that assisted living is frequently less expensive than nursing homes or home health care, and they offer patients more independence and privacy.

Finding the appropriate facility for a loved one can be overwhelming. In most cases, the search should begin months or years before the facility is needed. If you are in an emergency situation and feel pressured or rushed, you are not likely to make the best decision.

For each facility that you are visiting, you should tour the facility, and attend any open houses or special events that are offered. You can ask for recommendations from your parent’s doctor, who may be able to provide a lot of information about which facilities are preferable. When you have narrowed in on a couple of facilities, you should make unannounced visits, and do not be afraid to answer the tough questions as they relate to your parent’s care.

While touring facilities, look to see if it is clean and well organized. Try to ascertain how many activities are available, and if they are activities that your parent would be interested in. You should eat a couple of meals there to determine if you enjoy the food. Are the rooms large enough and well laid out so that your parent would feel at home? Do the residents there seem interested and engaged in life? Does the facility help with medication, assistance with bathing and dressing, and more?

If you have chosen an assisted living facility, and you believe the assisted living facility has provided your parent with poor care, discuss that with the supervisor of the facility. If the treatment has harmed your parent, you may wish to discuss your options with an attorney. The facility may have committed either medical malpractice or standard negligence.
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