My employer in Los Angeles will not pay me for all of the hours I have worked. Can I sue my employer?

Most employers in Los Angeles pay their employees all of the wages to which they are entitled. However, unfortunately there are always going to be some dishonest employers who take advantage of employees. They may refuse to pay their employees for all the pay they have earned, which includes not only regular wages, but also vacation time, sick time, overtime, and bonuses. This most often happens when the employees are in a vulnerable position, such as if they do not speak English well or if they are in the U.S. illegally.

If an employee is not paid all of his or her wages, the employee has the right to sue his or her employer. Normally, an employee should consult with an employment attorney, who can help protect the employee’s legal rights.

Some common examples of the law include when workers are not given meal breaks or rest breaks, are not paid enough for overtime, are not paid for all of the hours they work, are not paid for bonuses and commissions earned, and are not paid for all of their unused vacation time when they leave the company. Another very common violation of the law is when an employee is mischaracterized as an independent contractor instead of an employee. This can help employees get out of their legal obligations to their workers.

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