My employer in Los Angeles is not paying me for all of the hours I have been working. Can I file a complaint?

Some employers choose to take advantage of their employees. This can happen when the employees are vulnerable, such as if they are in the country illegally or do not have a firm grasp of English. Employers may believe that their employees do not know what their legal rights are or will not seek help in standing up for their legal rights.

One way some employers take advantage of their employees is by refusing to pay them all the money they are owed. Employers may refuse to pay employees for their sick time, overtime, regular wages, commissions or bonuses earned, breaks, or other moneys owed. When that happens, employees should speak with an attorney. An attorney can be invaluable in the fight to help workers protect their legal rights. Attorneys can also inform employers that they are violating their employees’ legal rights.

There are some common ways that employers in Los Angeles may fail to properly compensate their employees. They may not pay workers for all hours worked or a proper amount for overtime. They may not reimburse employees for expenses that were legitimately reimburseable. Workers may not be given any accrued vacation pay or may not be allowed to carry it over into another year. Workers may not be given breaks for meals or rest. If a worker leaves a job, the worker may not be paid for unused vacation days or any wages that are owed.

Many employers misclassify their employees as independent contractors or managers so that they are exempt from some benefits and overtime to which they are entitled. That behavior is illegal, and those employees may be entitled to back pay for their overtime and benefits.

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