I had some medical complications after my medications were mislabeled at my pharmacy. Can I legally sue the pharmacist?

Labeling on medications is absolutely critical and has got to be right. The information labels on medications indicate the proper dosage, how often it is to be taken, how it is to be taken, and any interactions the medications could have. If a prescription medication is mislabeled, that mistake could post serious harm for the consumer.

There has been an increase in recent years in the number of compounding pharmacies, which are pharmacies that produce and dispense small amounts of medications. Compounding pharmacies can be prone to mistakes, as can standard pharmacies, all of which can endanger the health of customers.

Some common mislabeling errors include making a mistake in dosage, resulting in either an under-dose or an overdose. A medication could be mislabeled and a patient could be taking the wrong medication entirely. A medication may not contain the correct instructions for taking it.

When a person suffers serious injuries or death due to mislabeling of a medication, that individual can seek financial compensation from the pharmacy, the pharmacist, or other responsible parties. That could include compensation for medical expenses, rehab costs, time missed from work, pain and suffering, and more.

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