Man Involved in Accident in Lyft Vehicle Claims Company not Assisting after Crash

A Florida man who claims he was hurt in an accident earlier this year while riding with a Lyft driver says that company is not sharing any insurance information, which is making his situation more difficult. The man says that he was in a crash with a Lyft driver who then left the scene without calling police or paramedics.

The man sought medical attention for his injuries, and requested insurance information from Lyft. He says he has not gotten a response. Without the insurance information, he cannot get any pre-settlement funding to pay his bills. The accident victim says if the Lyft driver had not fled the scene of the accident, he could have gotten the insurance information from him directly and would not have had to deal with Lyft and its corporate team.

Lyft says that it has been in touch with both the Lyft driver and the passenger involved. It also claims that its insurance carrier has been notified of the accident and that an adjuster has been assigned to help with the claim process.

When there is an accident involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle, it unfortunately can sometimes be difficult to get the proper insurance coverage that is needed. The driver may carry only a minimal policy. Uber and Lyft both have large policies to cover damages, but even those policies may not properly compensate accident victims. Also, the companies can be difficult to deal with.

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