Lyft Sued for the Actions of a Driver which Resulted in Death of Southern California Man

Lyft, the popular ridesharing company, was recently sued for the actions of a driver which allegedly resulted in the death of a man in southern California. The man’s parents claim that Lyft’s hiring processes are negligent and that the company is responsible for the driver’s actions.

The death occurred when a man ordered a Lyft to his friend’s house in the Los Angeles area. During the ride, the man and the driver became involved in an argument, which resulted in the driver pulling over to the side of the freeway. The driver pepper-sprayed the man and ejected him from the vehicle, leaving him on the side of the freeway. The man was later struck by a vehicle and killed.

The lawsuit claims that Lyft hires thousands of non-professional drivers with very little screening involved. The lawsuit also claims that Lyft is the employer and principal of Lyft drivers, making Lyft responsible for the actions of its drivers. According to the lawsuit, Lyft does no training of its drivers and does a poor job of screening those drivers, with few requirements that must be met to become a Lyft driver.

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