Lyft Drops Passenger on Side of Freeway Despite Claims that Safety is Top Priority

Lyft was recently sued in a California court for its treatment of a passenger, who later died as a result of the actions of the Lyft driver. The lawsuit is seeking damages for wrongful death, and is asking that his parents be awarded punitive damages which are designed to punish the wrongdoers for their actions.

The Lyft passenger went out to eat at a restaurant and a bar in West Hollywood in January 2018. A friend of the man ordered a Lyft for him to take him to the friend’s residence. On the drive, the passenger got into an argument with the driver. The driver pulled the vehicle over on the freeway, pepper-sprayed the passenger, and kicked him out of the car, leaving him on the shoulder of the freeway. The passenger was later struck by another vehicle and died at the hospital.

The passenger’s parents sued Lyft for wrongful death. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Lyft’s process for hiring and training drivers is inadequate. Lyft’s entire application process is online. It outsources background checks to a third-party company, and the background process only goes back seven years. The drivers are not trained by Lyft. According to the lawsuit, Lyft’s website claims that it is “Serious About Safety” and that “We Go the Extra Mile for Safety”.

The lawsuit is seeking damages from both Lyft and from the driver. If you have been injured by the wrongful actions of a rideshare driver, either as a passenger, or in an accident, call me, Conal Doyle, Los Angeles rideshare accident attorney, at 310-385-0567. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.