My loved one was killed in a construction accident in California. Can I file a wrongful death claim?

I am so sorry for your loss. Construction is currently the most dangerous type of work in the U.S. It’s been estimated that about 20 percent of all workplace deaths occur at construction sites. The construction industry is vital to the U.S.’s economy, and if a construction worker is killed on the job, the loved ones of that person must be properly cared for.

There are a number of hazards on construction sites that can result in death. Workers may be struck by falling objects. A large majority of construction accidents involve falls by the workers or falling objects. Construction sites typically use a lot of heavy equipment, which can be dangerous if it malfunctions or is not used correctly. Electrocution is another common hazard on construction sites.

If your loved one was killed in a California construction accident, you have the right to investigate the cause of the accident to determine what caused the death. If it’s determined that the negligence of a coworker or an employer contributed to his death, you can seek damages for the losses you have incurred, as well as any income that he has been providing to your family.

In many cases, the family members of those killed on the job are entitled only to damages from workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation damages are typically somewhat limited. However, there are also ways in which you may be able to pursue additional damages beyond what is allowed for under workers’ compensation.

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