I lost my eyesight in an accident in Los Angeles. What are my legal options?

That sounds like a terrible accident. Losing your vision can be very scary and life-altering. In some cases, there may be a medical treatment that can help. Therapy can also help people function without vision and even live full, active lives.

Your legal options after an accident depend on the facts of the accident. If you were responsible for the accident, it’s unlikely you will be able to recover any compensation. If another party was responsible, you may be able to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

There are several types of accidents and injuries that may cause vision loss or blindness. If there is a direct injury to the optic nerve, that can cause vision loss. Any head injuries or traumatic brain injuries can also cause vision loss. In some cases, being exposed to certain types of chemicals can damage the vision. The earlier you can find the underlying cause of the vision loss, the better the odds of having a successful treatment. Surgery can be helpful in some situations. An experimental therapy may also help.

If you have experienced vision loss because of an accident, you know that it can take time to learn to cope with the physical and emotional trauma of the accident. A loss of vision in most cases completely changes a person’s life. They will likely be unable to return to work, and may need training for a new career or some type of disability assistance. The victim also needs to learn how to function without eyesight or with reduced eyesight.

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