Lawsuit Against Uber Alleges that Company Didn’t Protect Women from Fake Drivers

A lawsuit against Uber that was filed in Los Angeles alleges that nine people were sexually assaulted by fake drivers over a two-year period. The lawsuit claims that the company did not do enough to prevent the assaults.

Three women filed the lawsuit, all of whom are listed as Jane Does. The women claim they were raped by people who were posing as Uber drivers to pick up passengers. The lawsuit claims that the company failed to warn them and other customers about fake drivers who were targeting women in the area who were drinking, despite being warned by law enforcement. The lawsuit was filed over a week after a University of South Carolina student was kidnapped and killed after she got into a vehicle she thought was an Uber she ordered.

According to the lawsuit, police officials warned Uber at least five times about assaults by fake Uber drivers that were occurring within a section of L.A. where several popular bars are located. The warnings took place before the first plaintiff was allegedly raped.

Uber declined to comment on the lawsuit but did say that it has been working with local law enforcement to educate the public about how to avoid fake rideshare drivers. However, the lawsuit claims that Uber has chosen to hide and minimize its safety problems, which often concern young, intoxicated female passengers. The lawsuit also says that Uber makes it easy for predators to obtain print at home Uber labels, which can be used to deceive passengers. Recent safety measures that Uber has taken are inadequate, according to the plaintiffs.

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