I was involved in road rage accident. What should I do?

Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic in the country. When you combine bad traffic and hot tempers, disaster can ensue. Aggressive driving, also known as road rage, is dangerous and against the law.

Drivers with road rage may speed, dart in and out of traffic and around other cars, run red lights, make frequent and unnecessary lane changes, follow too closely, and engage in a number of other aggressive and dangerous behaviors. When these behaviors are combined, the risks of an accident are increased exponentially. Driving that is too aggressive is against California driving laws.

Drivers with road rage can be punished, both criminally and civilly. Aggressive drivers may receive a ticket, or could even be arrested if their behavior is serious enough. If another individual is injured as a result of the road rage, the driver could face additional criminal charges, and may also be sued for monetary damages. Potential damages could include compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

If you have been the victim of a driver with road rage in the Los Angeles area, you should speak with an attorney. You may have the legal right to compensation for your injuries. Call me, Conal Doyle, Los Angeles automobile accident attorney at 310-385-0567. My team can help. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation on your case.