Injured by a hot water heater that exploded. Can I sue the manufacturer or landlord?

Hot water heater explosions are unusual, but do occur from time to time. Hot water heater explosions can have a number of causes. Typically, they are caused by a defective hot water heater, the hot water heater being improperly installed, or a failure to maintain the hot water heater.

One reason hot water heaters can be so dangerous is they are designed to hold a large amount of hot water under pressure. When a system fails, it can explode and send not only scalding hot water flying, but also metal, which can harm anyone around the hot water heater. Hot water heaters also require large amounts of electricity. Some hot water heaters also have a steady flow of gas and a pilot light. If either of those systems fails, there may be an explosion.

There are a number of federal guidelines that must be met when designing, manufacturing, and assembling hot water heaters. Installers of hot water heaters must also meet specific regulations. If a hot water heater explodes, it is important to examine the accident to determine who was responsible.

In most hot water heater accidents, the manufacturer of the heater, the party in charge of installation or maintenance, or the homeowner is liable. If the hot water heater exploded because of a defect with the system, the manufacturer is most likely responsible. If the hot water heater was not properly maintained or installed, the plumber or service tech is responsible. If the landlord or homeowner did not maintain the hot water heater in a safe manner, the landlord could be liable.

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