I was injured in a bike accident. Can I get compensation?

More people are cycling today than ever before. Many cities, including Los Angeles, have put in more bicycle lanes on the roads, as well as bicycle paths. These bicycle lanes are designed to increase safety, but bicyclists and automobile drivers are always at risk of accidents when sharing the roadways.

Bicycle lanes are definitely a safer alternative to bicycles directly sharing lanes with automobiles, but they are not without risk. The bicycle lanes are normally directly beside roads, so there is still a high risk of accidents. Motorists may fail to see bicyclists in bike lanes, which can be particularly dangerous at intersections or turns. Some of the most common types of accidents involving bicycle lanes include vehicles turning, dooring accidents, and accidents at intersections.

If you are a bicycle rider who has been involved in a collision with an automobile, you likely have very serious injuries. Bicycle riders can suffer head injuries, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries. You may be unable to work and could need extensive physical therapy. Victims of bicycle accidents deserve to be compensated for their injuries, including money for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, if those injuries were caused by the actions of the other driver.

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