I was kicked out of an Uber/Lyft vehicle. Can I sue the company or the driver?

It depends on the situation. Normally, in order to sue, you have to have quantifiable damages. Therefore, if you were simply ejected from the vehicle and became angry but suffered no harm, it’s likely you wouldn’t be successful in a case against the company or the driver. If, however, you were ejected from an Uber or Lyft vehicle and you suffered damages as a result, you may be able to sue the company, the driver, or both.

Anyone who transports passengers for money is legally considered a common carrier. Common carriers legally owe their passengers a duty to use a high level of care in transporting them. Uber and Lyft drivers are common carriers, and therefore must take special precautions when driving with their passengers. If they fail to transport their passenger in a safe manner, the driver, the company, or both can be held legally liable.

Recently, Lyft and a driver for Lyft were sued for wrongful death in a California court. The Lyft driver involved transported a passenger in the Los Angeles area but became engaged in a verbal altercation with him. The Lyft driver then ejected him from the vehicle, pepper-sprayed him, and left him on the side of a busy freeway. The passenger was later struck and killed by another vehicle.

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