I was injured by police in Los Angeles. Can I sue the police department?

I am very sorry to hear that you were injured by the LAPD. The police have tough jobs, and with those jobs come a lot of power to benefit society. Most officers use that power wisely. However, some police officers take advantage of their positions.

Police officers are under a lot of stress, which sometimes involve violence. In many cases, police are justified in using a lot of force in arresting a suspect. Sometimes the public may believe that the force is excessive but may be what is required under the circumstances.

However, sometimes police officers do step over the line and abuse their power. The agency responsible for training the officer can be held responsible if the conduct was a result of a policy or custom. The agency can also be held responsible if it failed to properly train their officers to handle the situation. Also, in some cases people get hired as officers who should not have been hired. If that occurs, the agency responsible for hiring the officer could be held liable for damages.

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