I was hurt in an accident in a road construction zone in Los Angeles. Can I sue for my injuries?

Road construction in Los Angeles seems to be constantly ongoing. The heavy traffic and climate mean that ongoing roadwork is necessary to keep the roads safe. It can be very easy to get used to seeing cones and construction barriers on the side of the roads. However, drivers must be aware that despite how many construction zones there may be, accidents in road construction zones pose a danger to both road construction crews and motorists.

There are a couple of common factors involved in traffic accidents that occur in road construction areas. The first is speeding. Drivers often fail to follow reduced speed limits. This can be very dangerous in a congested work area. The second primary factor in traffic accidents in road construction zones is driver inattention. Drivers may be using their phones, using the radio, or talking to passengers, and may simply fail to notice the construction zone or workers. Tragically, it’s estimated that about 20,000 workers are injured each year on road construction sites, and some of those are killed.

Safety experts recommend that drivers in construction zones be attentive to the area and be prepared to slow down. It’s important not to become oblivious to the work is it is long-term, because work zones can change daily. Drivers should merge early and stay away from the side of the road where workers and equipment are located, if possible. At night, extreme caution should be used, even if workers do not appear to be present.

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