I was hurt in a Lyft accident in Los Angeles. Do I have any legal rights against Lyft?

I’m sorry to hear about your accident. Lyft can often market itself as an underdog when compared with Uber, which is a larger rideshare company than Lyft. There are a number of differences between Lyft and Uber. Some of the differences just involve marketing. However, there are some actual differences in the way the companies operate. Both companies can and do cause their riders to suffer harm on occasion. Some common types of harm include physical injuries incurred in accidents, physical and sexual assaults by drivers, and privacy violations. If you are a victim of a Lyft driver, you should take some steps to recover compensation from the company.

If you have been injured by the wrongful actions of a Lyft driver, you should speak with an attorney. You may have had physical injuries, emotional damages, been forced to take time off work, incurred medical expenses, and more. If you hope to recover compensation for those losses, you must file a claim.

Normally, in order to recover on such a claim, you must be able to prove that Lyft or one of its drivers was negligent. If you are able to prove negligence, you may be able to recover some compensation under California law. In order to show an individual or a company was negligent, you must be able to show that the defendant owed you a duty, that duty was breached, and that the breach caused you damages. Damages can include physical and emotional injuries, property damage, and more.

Also, if a loved one has died in a Lyft accident, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. That claim can cover funeral expenses, loss of companionship and support, burial expenses, loss of inheritance, and more.

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