I was harmed by a ladder that collapsed in Los Angeles. Can I sue the ladder’s manufacturer?

You may be able to sue the ladder’s manufacturer, but only if the ladder had a defect. The majority of ladder injuries occur at home rather than at the workplace. Most ladder accidents occur because the ladders were used unsafely. The user may not have understood the dangers and risks involved with using a ladder.

Ladders are very common at construction sites, but there are low accident rates. Ladder injuries are less frequent at work because the workers typically are well trained at ladder use, and the ladders used at worksites are typically of higher quality than home ladders. Also, legally construction workers are required to inspect ladders on a weekly basis and report any defects.

There are some common causes of ladder accidents, including using the wrong type of ladder, ladders tipping over, and ladders collapsing. Fortunately, most ladder injuries are minor and do not require hospitalization. However, depending on the circumstances of the accident and the physical condition of the victim, ladder accidents can be very serious.

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