I tore my meniscus in an accident. Can I sue for my injuries?

I’m sorry to hear about your torn meniscus. A meniscus is a layer of hard cartilage that conforms to the shape of the end of the thigh and shin bones. The meniscus is there to distribute the weight evenly across the leg bones and to help keep the knee joint stable. If it is torn, there can be pain, swelling, and limited movement of the knee.

A meniscus can tear for two main reasons. The first is a natural degeneration that can occur in older adults. The second is through injuries. This normally occurs when the knee is bent and then twisted, and is common in car accidents, falls, and construction accidents.

When a meniscus tears, the symptoms are often immediate. There may be pain and a popping sound, followed by swelling. If a torn meniscus is suspected, a doctor normally examines the knee and may use an MRI to confirm that there has been a tear. The treatment depends on how injured the knee is and on the patient. Some people may choose not to have surgery and may simply try to allow it to hear with rest. However, many people need surgery. Although surgery can help many patients, for some it is only a temporary fix, and they may need a full knee replacement later in life.

If you have suffered a torn meniscus in an accident in Los Angeles, you likely have the right to compensation for your injuries. You should speak with an attorney to learn about all of your legal options. Call me, Conal Doyle, California personal injury attorney, at 310-385-0567. Call today to learn more or to schedule your free consultation.