I suffered paralysis in a car accident in Los Angeles. What are my legal options?

I am very sorry to hear about your paralysis. Paralysis can have a huge impact on a victim’s quality of life, life span, and financial outlook. The decisions that a paralysis victim makes after the accident will have a direct impact on the victim’s physical and financial well-being.

When there is an injury to a spinal cord, the body’s ability to transmit information back and forth between the brain and muscles is impaired. The location on the body where the trauma occurred is very important, because it determines the impact of the injury on the accident victim. Normally, the closer a spinal cord injury is to the brain, the more significant the injury.

Most victims of spinal cord injuries have special medical needs for the rest of their lives. It’s been estimated that a person who becomes a quadriplegic at age 25 will face about $5 million in medical expenses during their lifetimes. In addition to the astronomical medical expenses, victims are often unable to work and support themselves.

For some people, a personal injury lawsuit can provide some of the necessary funds. If you have been the victim of a spinal cord injury in Los Angeles, you should speak with an attorney right away. Call me, Conal Doyle, Los Angeles personal injury attorney at 310-385-0567. I can help. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.