I suffered harm while I was undergoing anesthesia in Los Angeles. Can I sue my anesthesiologist?

I’m sorry to hear about the problem with anesthesia. In the past several decades, modern anesthesia has helped countless numbers of surgeries and other medical procedures be performed safely and effectively. However, anesthesia comes with risks, particularly when the anesthesiologist and other medical staff act negligently. When anesthesia is not correctly used, tragedy can result.

There are several types of anesthesia, including general anesthesia, local, regional, spinal, and others. There are also several types of potential errors that involve anesthesia. The type of injury that a patient has suffered because of anesthesia is not always obvious when examining the patient. Often, experts must examine a patient’s medical records in order to determine what, if any, errors were made during anesthesia.

In some cases, a patient suffers harm during anesthesia due to no fault of the doctor or other medical staff. A patient may have an unanticipated reaction through no fault of anyone. In other cases, the medical staff may be to blame. In many incidents in which a patient is harmed from anesthesia, the medical staff failed to properly monitor the patient before, during, or after the procedure. The patient may suffer from respiratory or cardiac events which could have been prevented. These issues may be caused by an overdose, a reaction to the anesthesia, a failure to properly monitor the patient, or a failure to properly administer the drugs.

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