I suffered a compression fracture in an accident. Can I sue for my injuries in Los Angeles?

I’m so sorry to hear about the compression fracture. Compression fractures occur when the bones in the lower spine break because of trauma. They are sometimes called vertebral compression fractures. They are most common in elderly people and individuals with cancer. Another common cause is trauma, such as from automobile accidents or falls.

If spinal bones have been fractured, there are several symptoms that could develop, depending on the severity of the break. There could be pain in the lower back, numbness or weakness in the back or the legs, urination issues, or even paralysis. Typically, after a serious accident, a doctor will do an x-ray of the spine to determine if a fracture has occurred. If there is a fracture, a doctor may do an CT scan or an MRI to get more details of the fracture and the soft tissue around the spine.

As mentioned above, degenerative diseases can cause compression fractures. However, healthy individuals can have these types of fractures as well from trauma to the spinal bones. The most common causes of these types of fractures are car accidents and falls. If a person is suffering from a compression fracture, there are a couple of types of treatment. The fracture may be able to heal on its own with rest, medication, and physical therapy. If the fracture is unstable or has caused other injuries, surgery or other treatments may be required, including surgical fusion, surgical decompression, and vertebroplasty.

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