I have been hurt in an industrial accident in Los Angeles. Can I sue my employer?

Employers have a legal duty to their employees to provide a safe workplace. However, industrial settings like warehouses and factories have higher than average rates of injuries. Employees who are injured on the job in Los Angeles deserve to be fairly compensated for their injuries.

There are a lot of types of industrial workplaces, including warehouses, factories, refineries, chemical plants, energy plants, and others. Every environment is different but a common factor is that industrial work is more dangerous and causes more injuries to workers than other jobs. Some common types of industrial accidents can involve falling objects, falls, forklift accidents, injuries from machinery or equipment, chemical burns, and explosions.

When an industrial accident does occur, the accidents can be more serious than accidents that occur in other workplaces. Sadly, it has been estimated that two out of every 1,000 industrial workers will die from a workplace accident.

It is important to know following an accident whether the employer was complying with OSHA safety standards. Many of the most common safety citations and violations given occur in industrial industries. An experienced attorney can help determine whether the employer was meeting OSHA standards, which can help show liability on the part of the employer.

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